Invest in Domestic Oil and Gas that Works for America, Employs Americans, and Produces a product that America needs.

  • Strong Annual Returns – It is not unusual for a REPUTABLE Domestic Oil and Gas Company to pay double digit annual returns to investors.

    Potential Investors are typically taken aback by the large return, but think for a moment…

    Will the price increase or decrease if the product being sold is one of a kind with a limited supply? Did the price of oil increase or decrease when the news of the drought and skyrocketing food prices halted the production of Ethanol? Did the price oil increase or decrease when it was reported that our Administration showcased Solar Companies that stole from The American People? Did the price of oil increase or decrease when it became apparent that the term CLEAN COAL really means CLEANER COAL only if Coal Companies make astronomical technology upgrades (scrubbers) to their equipment? Does the price of oil increase or decrease when The Dollar loses strength? If you don’t think the value of Federal Reserve Notes is in real trouble then stop reading now and commit yourself at the nearest mental institution. Are we going to pay more or less for oil if Oil Producing Nations along with China and Russia agree to remove The Dollar from The Oil Standard? Bad news they already did agree to take this action during a secret meeting 2 years ago.


    Not one of these events may have had any direct correlation to a spike in oil prices, but the point is that our robust efforts to find long term alternatives have hit heavy failure. These failures and the negative news surrounding the circumstances drives investment dollars out of the alternative energy market, drives speculation, and drives any perceived leverage we had over Foreign Oil Producing Nations down the drain.

  • Short Term and Long Term Growth – When an investor partners with a reputable company they may begin receiving royalty checks within 12 months. Also, it is not unusual for a real prospect to produce for 20, 30, or even 40 years or more.

  • Limit Your Tax Liability - Why seek a foreign country or bank for a tax shelter? What happens if one day they decide that the money isn’t yours anymore? What kind of recourse do you have? You won’t be able to call 911 that’s for sure!

    We have all heard conspiracies about The United States Government, and an economic collapse is imminent... Maybe they’re about this, but maybe they aren’t… Let’s assume that individuals that espouse to this belief are correct... Please consider a few things before you cash out and pack up… If there is an economic collapse and Martial Law is declared do you really think that there is another place in the world that would be safer than The United States? You don't think that other nations will be experiencing the same or far worse hardships? You don’t think that other governments and warlords wouldn’t be more extreme than The United States Government? Unless you will be traveling with an entourage that includes your own army, police force, doctor, pharmacy, water, food source, and way to compensate all of these people then I suggest that you stay put in America.

    Finally, how do you plan on getting that money sent back to the United States? I'm pretty sure that when your boatload of money suddenly appears The FBI, Homeland Security, The IRS, ICE, and The Secret Service will become very interested in your life. You do not want to mess with The Alphabet Masters!

    Domestic Oil and Natural Gas offers a legal domestic tax shelter. Typically, the majority of your investment can be written off in the first year, and the remaining balance over the next several years.
  • Investing with American Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies help contain the price of Oil – US Production helps to keep prices static on the world market, and buys time for American Ingenuity and Entrepreneurship to kick in and develop additional sources of energy that actually work versus The Green / Alternative Energy Straw Men that this administration keeps trying to promote.

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