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Recommended American Petroleum - Domestic Oil and Gas Companies

Thinking You Know or KNOWING....
Which do you prefer when it comes to your money?

Consumers have enjoyed the luxury of several watchdog groups to help them make better decisions about where and how to buy their cars, vacuum cleaners, insurance, and a multitude of other products and services. However, there does not seem to be a reliable source to help people make more informed decisions regarding their investments.

Investing in (American Petroleum) Oil and Gas has made thousands of people wealthy, but far more have lost everything. That's why we felt it necessary to form an independant research group that evaluated Domestic Oil and Natural Gas (American Petroleum) based on bottom line and simple criteria that the average person with a busy fast paced life can understand.

American's work the longest hours, have families, and regularly offer up our free time for worthy causes. Most of us don't have time to become experts in the field of geology, or how to read 3D Seismic Pictures from a satellite somehwere in space...

We want to learn because we probably know someone that has become wealthy by investing in (American Petroleum) Domestic Oil and Natural Gas. We may have been made aware of the amazing tax benefits when we invest in Domestic Oil and Natural Gas, and want to utilize the benefit to limit our tax exposure. However, we don't know who to approach, we don't know how to evaluate a good prospect, and we don't know who actually has a track record of producing for their partners.

That's why we exist. We do the research and arm you with the information to limit your risk. Risk can't be eliminated, but you can contain it enough to make an educated decision.

When we evaluate and recommend a (American Petroleum) Domestic Oil and Natural Gas Company you will know critical information before you even speak to an officer of the company.

  • You will know that they have a history that is measurable by years even decades.
  • You will know how many wells they have drilled where they have drilled them and the percentage that paid dividends to their investors.
  • You will know how much of their own money they invest per project.
  • You will know the entire history of their geologist(s), and not just the bio advertised on their website.
  • You will know the entire history of the prospect they are proposing.
  • You know the entire history of their management team beginning from the time they graduated college.
  • You will know every well their operator has ever drilled.
  • You will know that you are investing in a prospect that offers long term growth, and not a get rich quick scheme.

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